Air Dry Clay White 10#

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This is Amaco's all-purpose air dry clay for sculpting, hand modeling, or throwing on a potter's wheel. While it does not require a kiln to finish, it does take some getting used to if you haven't used air-dry clay before.

Directions & tips (from the package):

  • Keep unfinished pieces and unused clay in plastic or in damp cloths; the clay will immediately start to dry when exposed to air.
  • Water may be added whenever clay is too dry for easy modeling.
  • Allow finished pieces to dry slowly and evenly on all sides. Clay shrinks as it dries and uneven shrinkage causes cracking.
  • When air dried, clay is brittle. Coat with shellac all over to give it some strength and seal it from moisture, or bisque fire in a ceramic kiln to Cone 04 (1940°F, 1060°C) to make it hard and permanent.
  • To finish up project, decorate with acrylic paints. If you have chosen to bisque fire the pieces, you can also decorate with glazes and/or underglazes and refire to Cone 05.
  • When making a sculpture, make sure not to trap air in the clay while modeling. If the artwork is modeled solid do not use armature. Clay will shrink when drying and break apart over an armature. If support is needed use a straight wire, or wood skewer and let part of it extend out so it can be pulled out once the clay is firm enough.
  • Leatherhard pieces should be emptied from the inside leaving a more or less uniform wall. Sculptures could also be built out of slabs, thus eliminating the need to empty the piece.