Martianware Pottery Clay

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FIRING RANGE: CONE 06 - 04 (1830-1940ºF)

  • Wet color: Red
  • Firing color: Reddish Brown
  • Texture: Very Coarse

Martianware Pottery Clay is a clay body deliberately mixed to mimic the chemical composition of the surface of Mars. Utilizing data from NASA, scientific research, and synthetic Martian soils, Seattle Pottery Supply reverse-engineered a clay body that, to the best of our ability, has the same structural composition of the native clay that would be found on the surface of Mars, if only the planet had enough water.

This clay will self-glaze and turn a variegated brown when fired at ∆04, and will start to bubble and bloat when fired at ∆03 or higher.

Martianware Pottery Clay is similar to the extraterrestrial soil in both its macro (SiO2, Al2O3, MgO, Na2O, etc.) and minor (Cr2O3,Ni2O, MnO) chemistry composition, as the clay contains minerals (like Olivine) which are abundantly found on the Red Planet.

The formula for Martianware Pottery Clay was obtained through a pull of data points which, when composited together, reflect the average combination of Martian soils. Unable to source all the raw matter from minerals found on Mars (at least for now) Seattle Pottery Supply speculated what Martian clay would be like, but more importantly: what could one sculpt?

What will YOU sculpt?

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*Please be aware that natural impurities may occasionally occur in our clay! Our clays are made with natural minerals, mined from the earth. In some rare cases, natural impurities, or ribbons of other minerals, are mixed in with the raw materials provided by our suppliers. This can lead to clays that don’t perform the way they are supposed to. If you have any questions about a particular clay body, please reach out to