Giffin Grip Replacement Parts

SKU: GGTP1 Brand: Giffin Grip/Giffin Tech    


GGTP1 Top Plate Out of Stock Backorder $70.00
GGBP1CLK Bottom Plate - Clockwise (Left Hand Model) Out of Stock Backorder $70.00
GGBP1 Bottom Plate - Counter Clockwise (Right Hand Model) Out of Stock Backorder $70.00
GGOR2S3 2x O-Rings and 3x Shims 1 in stock Available $3.50
GGBB3 Bottom Brackets - Set of 3 Out of Stock Backorder $19.95
GGNBPKG1 Nuts and Bolts with 2x Shims Out of Stock Backorder $1.79

*Back orders will be placed for order quantities exceeding that of on-hand inventory.

Replacement parts are covered by your Giffin Grip warranty when they are defective or broken. Please call us for directions on how to claim your replacement parts under warranty.

Parts are a special order item so we ask that you call us to place an order so we can make sure you get the parts you need as soon as possible. Typical lead time for parts is within a week.

Top Plate: Plate with 3 slots for sliders

 2x O-rings and 3x Shims: O-ring holds plates together, shims adjust tension

Bottom Brackets: To secure bottom plate to the wheelhead

Bottom Plates: Clockwise and Counter Clockwise options are available, choose based on your preferred wheelhead spin direction

Nuts and Bolts with 2x Shims: Hardware for attaching bottom brackets, extra shims for adjusting tension


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