(A) Artist Choice Kit

SKU: 39218W Brand: Amaco    


39218W A #1 0 left in stock Discontinued$74.00
39224E A #2 0 left in stock Discontinued$93.00

The Artists Choice series is comprised of cone 05 oxidation colors that look like high fired reduction stoneware. They can be fired over any earthenware clay, however they look their best over dark or red firing clay. The color in the clay will partially show through the texture and add another color dimension to the glaze. A #1 - This class pack contains Aztec Turquoise, Exotic Blue, Peacock, Camel, Iron Saturate, and Seafoam Green. A #2 - This class pack contains A-34 Sand Bar, A-43 Green Float, A-24 Exotic Blue, A-52 Old Brick, A-61 Moss Brown, and A-66 Burnt Orange.