Amaco Plasti-Bats - NO Bat Pin Holes


SKU: 42210 Amaco

Use 8" and 10" bats on wheel heads not drilled to accept smaller size bats with our Adapt-a-Bat! Throwing Bats and QuickCenter > Adapt-a-Bat The Adapt-a-Bat™ from AMACO® allows the use of 8" and 10" bats on larger wheel heads that are not drilled to accept smaller size bats with holes 6" apart on center. There are two versions available: 1) pre-drilled with holes 10" apart on center or 2) without bat pin holes. Both versions include two bat pins that are 6" apart on center to allow the use of smaller bats. Adapt-a-Bat™ is available individually or as a set that includes the 14" Adapt-A-Bat™ plus two 8" and two 10" Plasti-Bat® either with pre-drilled bat pin holes or without. One Adapt-A-Bat™, together with several 8" or 10" Plasti-Bats is the perfect solution for high volume production or classroom instruction when smaller objects are being thrown and several students are sharing the wheels. Adapt-A-Bats are constructed from specially formulated, 1/4" thick tough plastic for strength and long life. They won't swell or shrink, are easy to clean and are impervious to water and most chemicals. We recommend storing Adapt-A-Bat™ plastic bats in a slotted rack such as the brent BatMobile or stacked on a FLAT surface to prevent warping. When stacking Adapt-A-Bat™ plastic bats, be sure they are clean prior to stacking. Even the slightest obstruction can cause the bats to warp.