Brent - Model C - 3/4 HP Potter's Wheel with 14" Aluminum Wheel Head - 22608J, 22118V

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The Brent Model C

The Model C is designed for classrooms and art centers. This wheel is sturdy, quiet, and will allow the use of up to 225 pounds of clay!


• Optimal torque at all speeds: from 0-240 rpm 
• Noise filtering electronics
• Easy to toggle on/off, forward/reverse switches
• Use with up to 225 lbs of clay
• 14" cast aluminum wheel head that includes two bat pins and is marked with concentric circles to reference for centering 
• Automatic Belt Tensioning and 3/4 HP 7 amp DC motor
• Includes Splash pan
• Comes with a 10 Year warranty


Ask a Question
  • can this be shipped to Japan? and how much would it cost?

    This specific item, in most cases, no. 

    International shipping can be custom quoted by phone or email, but not online. We currently work with USPS and UPS for international packages. Brent wheels can not be shipped by USPS or UPS, it must e shipped on a pallet by a freight carrier. If you wish to arrange freight shipping with an international carrier, we can make the pallet ready for pickup.

    It will be very expensive to ship something as large and heavy as a wheel all the way to Japan. A small box of glazes to Japan recently cost $200. 
    Please email for assistance.