F-Series Kit

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F #1 - This class pack contains one pint each of the following F-Series glazes: F-1 Jet Black, F-22 Royal Blue, F-25 Turquoise, F-58 Red, F-61 Lemon Yellow, and F-66 Orange. Firing temperature is cone 05. F #2 - This class pack contains F-61 Lemon Yellow, F-66 Orange, F-58 Red, F-50 Rose, F-52 Burgundy, F-25 Turquoise, F-22 Royal Blue, F-40 Chrome Green, F-30 Chocolate, F-11 White, F-1 Jet Black, and F-10 Clear Transparent. AMACO® (F) LEAD FREE glazes were created in 1950 as America's first all Lead Free glaze series . They are semi-opaque and fire with a high gloss. Colors are more intense and brilliant than those of many other glazes. They are recommended for dinnerware as well as all types of pottery made from AMACO® pottery clays. AMACO® reserves the right to substitute a glaze or underglaze of similar color and equal or greater value when necessary and without prior notice.