Fireclay Neuman Red

SKU: 71045-10LB Brand: Seattle Pottery Supply    


71045-10LB 10# Bag 0 left in stock Discontinued$30.50
71045-25LB 25# Bag 0 left in stock Discontinued$45.50
71045-50LB 50# Bag 0 left in stock Discontinued$65.50
71045-1LB 1# Bag 7 left in stock Discontinued - Available while supplies last!$8.50
71045-5LB 5# Bag 0 left in stock Discontinued$20.50

Please use Newman Red Susbtitute as a replacement.

The world's supply of Neuman Red (Newman Red Fireclay) has been exhausted. The mine where it was being extracted has run dry. We have limited availability while supplies last, this product will not be restocked, will will not be able to fill backorders.