HF-12 Clear Satin


SKU: 37048L Amaco

Clear Satin is the original Amaco Clear Satin glaze. A fluid matte zinc-free glaze, Clear Satin gives a lovely surface effect. Some underglazes may appear muted when used with HF-12 Clear Satin: LUG-50 Pink (slight) V-315 Peach V-316 Light Pink V-323 Salmon V-350 Orange HF-12 Clear Satin is not recommended for use with the following underglazes: LUG-1 Black LUG-31 Mahogany Brown V-341 Blue Green V-353 Dark Green V-385 Cinnamon *Note that all dry dipping glazes can be difficult to layer. Dipping glazes behave differently from brushing and they require thorough testing prior to layering full piece.