Lockerbie - Model K - Kickwheel

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Standard features for Models K & EK Overall Size: 36" x 42" x 28"

Frame: Steel pipe and angle iron, welded into a rigid tripod unit.

Flywheel: Reinforced concrete flywheel with a textured surface to provide positive traction for kicking. The edge of the flywheel is completely shielded by heavy steel bands. Finished in light gray enamel.

28" diameter Work Table: Made of heavy gauge aluminum and reinforced to support up to 200 lbs. Large enough to hold bucket, clay and tools.

Bearings: Chosen for smooth operation. Under the flywheel is a tapered, roller bearing protected by a 3" shield. Under the wheelhead is a ball bearing.

Seat: Made from red oak.

Splash Pan: Included on both models.

Motor: (on motorized model only) 1/3 hp 120 volt capacitor start. Engaged by foot pedal which makes motorized model adaptable for use either as kick or power wheel.