Shimpo RK-Whisper - 1/2 HP Wheel w/ 12 Inch wheelhead

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The Shimpo RK-Whisper is the quietest wheel yet. The exterior of the Whisper resembles that of the RK-10, but that is where it stops! Featuring a 1/2 hp brushless DC motor that is incredibly quiet and powerful, the Shimpo RK-Whisper offers a broad speed range, an electronic controller that maintains your speed, and a built-in breaker so it will always be protected from overloading. Comes with splash pan included.

  • Drive System; direct drive DC brushless motor
  • 100 lbs. centering capacity
  • 12″ light alloy casting wheel-head, drilled for bat pins
  • Attached foot pedal with speed lever
  • Virtually quiet; no belts, no vibration
  • Wheel-head acts as a banding wheel when the pedal is at stop
  • Pedal stops the wheel head immediately; no belt means no extra rotation when stopped
  • Higher torque; no belts
  • Maintains a specific set speed when stepping away to center, even with slow speeds and 100 lbs. of clay
  • 5-year warranty