SP691 Seattle Freeze Mid-Range Translucent Porcelain

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FIRING RANGE: CONE 4 - 6 (2167-2232ºF): best at cone 5

Want to light up your studio? Seattle Freeze is a brand new translucent mid-range clay body (yes, you read that right). Intended for use on the wheel, it throws like a dream with a creamy, yet firm, consistency. One of the very few translucent mid-range clays out there—and, in our opinion, the best. Most translucent porcelains are high-fire, which makes them less accessible for the majority of potters; Seattle Freeze has the translucence of cone 10... but at cone 5.

NOTE: Seattle Freeze can harden when stored. To return it to working consistency, wedge hard (we recommend throwing it on the floor with force), then wedge as normal. Do not add water!

In order to make sure all batches of this clay are as creamy, smooth, and buttery as they should be, we’ve updated our clay machine, implemented a double-vacuum process, and increased our quality control. We love this clay and know you will, too!

“I just finished with the 25 lbs. of Seattle Freeze.  I love this clay. It is seductive. Very plastic, yet holds up, and can get very thin without sagging. I threw with translucence in mind and was able to throw thinner than usual. It takes very little water, which is a huge plus for workability. I love the buttery smoothness. I threw a piece with an attachment and had no problem with that. This is a fabulous clay. Can I get more?”

~Tim, from Spokane, WA


~ Unless otherwise noted, vessels shown were made by SPS team potter, Frank Jacques ~

To use: wedge wet clay, work as preferred, and fire to ∆ 5. Use with mid-range glazes.

*Please be aware that natural impurities may occasionally occur in our clay! Our clays are made with natural minerals, mined from the earth. In some rare cases, natural impurities, or ribbons of other minerals, are mixed in with the raw materials provided by our suppliers. This can lead to clays that don’t perform the way they are supposed to. If you have any questions about a particular clay body, please reach out to info@seattlepotterysupply.com.