Kiln Repair


We know that the kiln, wheel or other equipment always seem to fail when you need it most! Our knowledgeable staff have years of experience in repairing kilns, wheels and other ceramic equipment. If a service call is needed, we will happily set-up a time that will conveniently work with your schedule. Due to COVID-19, we are not offering house calls. If you'd like to get your kiln checked, you're welcome to drop it off at our store and for a $150 diagnostic fee, our technician will send you an analysis and quote for repair.

We will work with you at every attempt to diagnose the problem over the phone, and when applicable we will make recommendations on how to easily fix the problem yourself. 

Seattle Pottery Supply provides the following services:

  • Kiln Evaluations
  • Kiln Repair Ceramics (electric)
  • Kiln Repair Glass (electric)
  • Kiln Tutorials
  • Ventilation Setup
  • Consultations: New or Used Kilns
  • Pottery Wheel Repair
  • Slab Roller Repair
  • Help with General Studio Setup

These are the common repairs we often see:

    1. replace elements
    2. upgrade controller
    3. replace relays
    4. replace thermocouple
    5. brick repair 

We regularly work with the following manufacturers: 

Amaco, Olympic, Shimpo, Skutt, L & L, Paragon, Excel, Cone Art, Alpine, Cress, Evenheat, Gare, Duncan, Crusader, AIM & more  

Brent, Shimpo, Lockerbie, Speedball (Creative Industries), Skutt (Thomas Stuart), Pacifica, Soldner & more

To better assist you, please fill our Kiln Repair Request Form to submit your repair request.