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About Seattle Pottery Supply

We’re a full-service pottery supply manufacturer and retail store, selling both online and from our Seattle storefront. In business since 1975, we manufacture and ship pottery kilns, ceramic glazes, and clay bodies across the country - and, in some cases, around the world. We also supply everything else a home or professional potter needs, from modeling tools and wheels to raw materials, corks, brushes, and teapot handles. We are a certified repair shop for many models of kilns and wheels as well - and our knowledgeable staff, almost all talented potters themselves, are always here to help and answer questions. We believe passionately in our medium and it's potential to enrich one's life. We’re particularly interested in helping new potters discover the joy of working with clay, and hope to foster the next generation of ceramics artists.

Our History

Seattle Pottery Supply was founded by Jim and Sue Lunz in March of 1975, when they recognized the need for a quality supplier of pottery-related products and services to the growing Pacific Northwest ceramics community. In 1981, Seattle Pottery Supply added custom clay and glaze formulation, firing services, kiln manufacturing, kiln service, and even more specialized products and learning materials to its product list.

Since that time, Seattle Pottery Supply has provided its ever-broadening supply of pottery-related products and services to an increasingly longer list of satisfied artists, potters, ceramics enthusiasts, production studios, schools, universities, and other educational institutions. 

In August of 2019, SPS was purchased by three friends, Dylan Ambauen, Dave Enslow, and Dhruv Agarwal, who saw the chance to preserve and grow an iconic Seattle arts community landmark. Under the new management, which includes Denny Porter as General Manager, SPS has focused on expanding its reach across the country with a robust online catalog and a focus on top-notch customer service and a knowledgeable, helpful staff.


The owners of Seattle Potter Supply
Denny Porter, professional potter and General Manager of Seattle Pottery Supply