Raku Firing

Raku Firing is back!

Experience the joy of Raku pottery at our monthly firings! Firings take place at our 35 Hanford Street facility on the first and third Saturday of each month. We start at 10 A.M and fire until all the pieces are done. Glazes for self-application are provided, and our extremely knowledgeable Raku facilitator Eric will be present to fire and answer any questions. Private sessions are also available, please contact us for details and pricing. You can call us at (206) 587-0570 or email info@seattlepotterysupply.com.


First & Third Saturday of each month

4 small to medium-sized bisqued pieces
Raku Glazes Supplied
$50 per person

Space is limited, advance registration is recommended.

Register Here


What is Raku?

Raku firing is an ancient ceramics technique that creates a unique finish to pottery wares. 

In our raku firing practice, we take ceramics from the kiln while still hot and place them in a lidded chamber with combustible material such as sawdust, newspaper, or pine needles. This post-fire process can produce inspiring finishes, including rainbow colors or smoke-infused crackles. 

Raku firing is truly elemental, and the artist is at the heart of it, harnessing earth, fire, air, and water to create works of great beauty.