As much as we learn about the art of pottery, the more we realize we can learn. We bring the experts together for masterclasses on ceramics techniques.

Everything to Know About Kiln Wash

Kiln wash is a barrier to prevent unexpected glaze runs or drips from ruining your pottery kiln shelves, and your work. You brush it directly onto your shelves; it looks similar to a glaze when being applied. 

How to Set Up Your Pottery Wheel

To help you get your new pottery wheel set up as soon as possible, we’ve put together a quick video showing tips on how to get started with two of our top-selling potter's wheels.

Make Your Own Glaze

Whether you are looking to save money by making your own glaze at home, or simply want to create a unique glaze, making your own pottery glaze has many benefits!

How to Make Nerikomi Pottery

Nerikomi—also known as neriage—was first created in Japan, and it involves stacking and cutting colored pieces of clay to form different patterns.

Kiln Tutorial Videos

Ready to use your new kiln? Here you'll find our library of videos to help you get up and running!

Choosing the Right Pottery Wheel

Whether you want to take your budding pottery skills to the next level or give it a shot for the first time, a pottery wheel is a great addition to any home studio.

Pottery Chalkboards

Have you ever wanted to know the science behind was is happening with your pottery? Do you know why crazing happens? How comfortable are you with the properties of thermal expansion? In this series, Tyler Didier, our clay chemistry experts, outlines the details.

How to Make a Donut Vase

Join SPS's Tyler Didier as he takes us through the steps to throwing a donut vase. This is a technique that requires intermediate throwing skills, but if you can throw a teapot you'll be fine!