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Firing Services


Bisque & Glaze Firing

Seattle Pottery Supply provides firing services in order to make it possible for the community to create at home without the responsibility of a kiln. SPS has several kilns, the largest of which can accommodate a vertical form of 29”, and the widest of which can fire a piece 44” in width. (Please call ahead with the dimensions if your item is large). 

Pricing is simple: the cost is $12 for every 12” x 12” x 4” space. There is a surcharge for pieces taller than 4”, wider than 12”, and any piece that requires special handling e.g., stilts, long candling, glaze clean-up, etc. If you're not sure, just call us at 888.915.1196 and ask!

Seattle Pottery Supply offers three distinct firings: a ∆05 bisque, a ∆05 low-fire glaze, and a ∆5 mid-range glaze. All you need to do is carefully box up your work with some newspaper as padding and bring your pieces in during retail hours.

We'll fire them for you and email you when your pieces are fired and ready to bring home. Turnaround time is within 10 days of drop-off. Pricing can be estimated on request when you drop off your work. Final pricing will be provided at pick up.

Our kiln firing service uses Seattle Pottery Supply Kilns that are designed and built right here in Seattle. For more information about bisque and glaze firing services, call us at (206) 587-0570 or email info@seattlepotterysupply.com.

Let us fire your work!


Raku Firing

Experience the joy of Raku pottery at our monthly firings! Firings take place at our 35 Hanford Street facility on the first and third Saturday of each month. We start at 10 A.M and fire until all the pieces are done, usually about 3 P.M. Pricing is $50 per person (for up to four medium-sized 6" diameter pieces). Glazes for self-application are provided, and our extremely knowledgeable Raku facilitator Eric will be present to fire and answer any questions. You can sign up on our Raku Workshops page by clicking the "Register Here" link. Private sessions are also available, please contact us for details and pricing. You can call us at (206) 587-0570 or email info@seattlepotterysupply.com.

School Raku Firing

We bring the excitement of Raku right to your school! We have a complete raku glazing and firing set up, including two to three Crucible Easy Riser Raku kilns, and instruction for glazing bisque-fired pieces. We can even can supply bisqueware that students can personalize and fire. While students are glazing their pieces, they can watch us bring up the temperature of kiln at a safe distance (at least 10 feet away) and observe the entire process as we help explain what's happening. Glazed ceramic bisqueware is heated until the glazes mature (approximately 1750º Fahrenheit) then removed from the kiln and placed in a sealed container containing straw or newspaper to make a reduction atmosphere that produces unique iridescent colors. Allow at least 4 hours for the entire process. It's a wonderfully rich, interdisciplinary experience that mixes artistic, scientific, mathematical, and cultural learning moments with beautiful and tangible results. This service is limited to the Greater Seattle/Puget Sound region (within a 50 mile radius from our facility). For more details, please call us at (206) 587-0570 or email info@seattlepotterysupply.com.