The World's Best Electric Pottery Kilns

You deserve a new kiln (hey, everyone deserves a new kiln!).
Seattle Pottery Supply Electric Kilns are among the best on the market.

Check out our complete line-up of premium kilns, from test kilns, to entry-level kilns for the home potter, to large production kilns for studios and schools.

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Designed for Potters by Potters

Our kilns have been tested and refined by potters for more than 40 years. Build to be reliable, Seattle Pottery Supply kilns fire to ∆10, come up to temperature quickly/cool down slowly, and stand up to the most demanding production duty-cycle.

Easy to Use

Our kilns are easy to maintain and even easier to use. All of our kilns also come standard with a lid brace to help you lift and support the lid.

We also build our kilns with the thermocouple offset from the box, so you don't have to mess with the electronics in order to replace it. With a little practice, you can replace our thermocouples in less than 10 minutes.


Energy Efficient

All of our kilns are made with 3" firebrick on the top, bottom, and sides. Every brick is shaped and fit by hand to keep heat in, and keep your power bill low.

Our kilns come up to temp more quickly and hold temp without turning the elements on as often.


Expertly Control Your Firings

Having a kiln at home makes it easier to fire what you want, when you want. If you are still using a Kiln Sitter, it is time to upgrade to digital! Every Seattle Pottery Supply kiln comes with a Bartlett V6CF digital controller. We also offer the Bartlett Genesis 2.0 as an upgrade, should you like the idea of connecting your kiln to your smartphone.

Digital Controllers make it so easy to finely tune and maintain a consistent process, with special ramps, hold times, and a huge variety of other settings.

We use only the best thermocouple materials, welding them in-house for the most accurate temperature readings in order to feed your controller the data it needs for impeccable performance.

Of course, if you’re old-school and still like to keep a physical eye on your firing, all kilns also come standard with peep hole plugs.

Full Year Warranty

Our kilns are handmade with care at our facility in Seattle. Each kiln must undergo
extensive testing before leaving our shop. Because we stand by the quality of our
product, every kiln we make comes with a 1-year warranty.


The #1-Selling Kiln for Home Studios

Designed to offer the ideal balance of interior space and a compact size, our 18" Home Pottery Studio kiln fits sweetly into smaller home studios. Even better, it only requires a 30 AMP breaker, so it will work with most home electrical systems. It provides 2.8 cubic feet of interior space, and fires to cone 10.

"I call the Seattle Pottery Supply Kiln a magic kiln, since I have replaced a complete set of elements only twice in 22 years."

- Debra B, Longtime SPS Customer