Pottery Ideas & Advice



Looking for some ceramics inspiration? Our tips & information can help your personal journey of exploration. Check back periodically for how-tos, product reviews, raw material information and buying guides.

How to Store Clay

Whether you make your own clay from local materials or buy prepared clay,it’s important to learn sensible strategies to keep your pottery clay properly stored— whether you’re going to come back to it in a few hours or even a few years.

What is greenware?

Greenware is the term given to clay objects when they have been shaped but have not yet been fired. Firing greenware converts the clay to ceramic.

Pottery Glazing Techniques

Glazing is an important step in creating a finished piece of pottery. The traditional glazing techniques are dipping, pouring, or brushing. You will find that these three techniques will serve most of your glazing needs.

The Types of Pottery Clay and What They Are Used For

Pottery has a lot of terminology, and it can sometimes feel a tad overwhelming... including when it comes to the most basic ingredient of all - the very clay you use! But there are not as many clay types as you might think.

Clay + Glaze Inspo

Looking for some inspiration? Look no further!

Choosing the Right Pottery Wheel

Whether you want to take your budding pottery skills to the next level or give it a shot for the first time, a pottery wheel is a great addition to any home studio.

How to Set Up a Home Pottery Studio

If this is the first time you’re setting up a home pottery studio this is your place to start!

How do I get started in Pottery?

Pottery is a wonderful hobby that lets you use your creativity to make beautiful, useful works of art. We’re preaching to the choir, we know. But, like any hobby, it does require a certain level of investment when you’re ready to “get serious.”


Buying a kiln is a big (and exciting step). And it can be a confusing one. We try to help.


As much as we learn about the art of pottery, the more we realize we can learn. We bring the experts together for masterclasses on ceramics techniques.

Studio Tours

Occasionally we like to visit some of our local potters to chat a bit about their process, their studio, and their artwork. We've collected those chats here.

The Official Seattle Pottery Supply Company Pottery Glossary

As with every area of specialization, pottery has it's own terminology. In the interest of opening up the joy of working with clay to everybody, we want to make it as simple as possible - so we've put together a glossary of terms. 

Natural Imperfections in Pottery Clay Bodies - and Why You Should Care

One of the biggest factors that can affect your final project are natural imperfections in the clay body. Here’s a quick guide to understanding those natural imperfections.