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Mid-range clay and glazes give ceramicists access to durability without sacrificing color opportunities. They are formulated to fire professionally and effectively in electric oxidation kilns, which is the most sustainable firing option. Seattle Pottery Supply’s mid-range stoneware and porcelain clay bodies come in an impressive range of color options, from our translucent white Seattle Freeze Porcelain to our near-black Eclipse clay. Many of them also come in sand and grog-amended versions

What is mid-range clay best for? Midrange clays will vitrify or mature at cone 5, which makes them ideal for functional ware such as plates, mugs, and bowls. When fired and glazed correctly, they are food-safe and nonporous. Use them with mid-range glazes for best results. Mid-range clays are designed for firing range ∆4 - 6 (2167 - 2232° F)