∆04-10 Underglaze

What is underglaze?

Underglazes are perfect for potters who want color and design control for decorative work. Much like paints, these brilliant and easy-to-apply liquid underglazes have smooth character right out of the jar. Colors are concentrated and ready to apply on bisque or greenware. Experiment with multiple layers, diluting for watercolor effects, and more. You can layer colors over each other and add fine lines with a fine-tip brush or underglaze pencil.


To use, paint underglazes on in your desired design. Underglazes look out of the jar much like they will appear after firing, so you can easily see how the final project will look. Underglazes are also great for sgraffito decoration and wax-resist techniques. Unlike regular glazes, they stay true to color throughout the firing range. They will fire to a matte finish. It is highly recommended that you apply a glaze coat over underglazes. Appropriate for firing from ∆06 to ∆10.