A simple clay ornament project for kids

As the weather gets colder and the holidays get nearer, what's better than a fun indoor project for the kids - especially one that introduces them to the joys of playing with clay?

All you need is some air-dry clay (or any clay, if you have access to a kiln), some cookie cutters to cut out shapes, and some fun clay stamps... then let the creativity roll.

Here are the steps:

  1. Slice off a section from your clay block to the desired thickness of your future ornaments. A wire cutter is perfect for this (this part is probably best to do for young kids). You can also use a roller to flatten the clay further.
  2. Help the kids use a simple cookie cutter (or a glass from your cabinet) to cut out shapes
  3. Let the kiddos use whichever clay stamp appeals to them. We like the snowflake stamp for the holidays, but there’s many more! (Note: If the air-dry clay dries out too quickly and gets crumbly, just add some water)
  4. Once everyone is happy with their design, use a chopstick or a pencil to make a hole at the top for your hanging ribbon
  5. Then, simply set the pieces somewhere flat to air-dry slowly. If you’re using regular clay, prep it to kiln as you would any other project.
  6. Once fully dried, air dried clay can be brittle, so the manufacturer suggests you coat it with shellac to add strength. 
  7. Bonus! You can decorate your air-dried ornaments with acrylic paints
  8. Finally: add a ribbon or string to your finished ornament to hang it up!

We hope you have fun with this project - and we’d love to see your finished ornaments! Just share with the hashtag #seattlepotterysupply on Instagram! 

P.S. Air dry clay is, by nature, fairly fragile. If you want your ornaments to last a lifetime, we recommend using regular clay and firing it in a kiln.