How do you mix your own pottery glaze?

Want to mix your own glaze? Our resident clay expert, Tyler Didier, shows us how to prepare dry glaze in this quick video.

For those of us that like to read rather than watch, here are the steps to mix your own glaze.

What you'll need:

  • Scale
  • Container
  • Glaze
  • Water


  • Turn on your scale and zero (tare) it out with the container on it
  • Add water to your container. You'll want a 9:10 ratio of water to dry glaze
  • Note how much the water weighs without the glaze
  • Next, add your dry glaze to the water until you reach the right ratio
  • Let the dry material soak until it is all wet
  • Shake it to mix, then (bonus step!) sieve it to reduce chunks
  • Enjoy your glaze!