STUDIO TIPS: Setting up two different throwing options for your new potter’s wheel

Whether you want to take your budding pottery skills to the next level or give it a shot for the first time, a pottery wheel is a great addition to any home studio. Andrew Soto explains the difference between a sitting and a standing pottery wheel, using the Shimpo VL-Lite Potter’s Wheel and the Shimpo Aspire Potter’s Wheel.

Ensure your wheel is off before you switch the direction you’d like your wheel to spin in. This is best practice for the longevity of your wheel. Adjust the pedal for reach accessibility and comfort. When placing your splash pan, lock the left side underneath the right, squeeze it until it snaps!

Next up we’re setting up the Shimpo Aspire to fit your body’s physiology standing up. In this video, we are using paver bricks to add height to the aspire in order to elevate it around waist height. It’s the most comfortable way to throw when your elbows can rest at a 90 degree angle. When centering, this comes in handy! The splash pan fits right over the wheel head, turn it counter clockwise for it to lock! When securing the bat, give it light whack over both bat pins. The aspire turns in  only one direction and you can choose between a pedal or a lever.
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Setting Up Your Pottery Wheel