Kiln Repair Service - service pause


Seattle Pottery Supply provides the following services:

  • Kiln Evaluations
  • Kiln Repair Ceramics (electric)
  • Kiln Repair Glass (electric)
  • Kiln Tutorials
  • Ventilation Setup
  • Consultations: New or Used Kilns
  • Pottery Wheel Repair
  • Slab Roller Repair
  • Help with General Studio Setup

These are the common repairs we often see:

    1. replace elements
    2. upgrade controller
    3. replace relays
    4. replace thermocouple
    5. brick repair 

We regularly work with the following manufacturers: 

Amaco, Olympic, Shimpo, Skutt, L & L, Paragon, Excel, Cone Art, Alpine, Cress, Evenheat, Gare, Duncan, Crusader, AIM & more  

Brent, Shimpo, Lockerbie, Speedball (Creative Industries), Skutt (Thomas Stuart), Pacifica, Soldner & more

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or 888.915.1196 if you have any questions regarding this service.