Kiln Video Tutorials

Kiln Video Tutorials

Ready to use your new kiln? Here you'll find our library of videos to help you get up and running!

How to replace the elements in a Seattle Pottery Supply kiln

Need to change the elements in your SPS kiln? Here is a video that goes through the whole process.

Setting Up Your Kiln

Connecting your SPS Kiln's Electrical Box

Got a new kiln? Here's how to connect the wiring for the electrical box. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at

Changing an SPS Kiln's Thermocouple

In this how-to, Denny shows us how to change the thermocouple in a Seattle Pottery Supply Kiln.

Learn Kiln Basics

Kiln Operation

Handling the Lid and Arm of Your Kiln