A quick note on what is new about the (new) Sea Mix 6 pottery clay

You may have heard we've reformulated our Sea Mix 6 clay. What is new?

In short: very, very little. We’ve taken great pains and many rounds of testing to ensure that our new Sea Mix 6 formulation delivers the same great performance as the earlier Sea Mix 6 (and Sea Mix 5 before them). 

A cup made from Sea Mix 6 White Pottery Clay

The significant change in the new Sea Mix 6 is the feldspar. The G200 feldspar we used is identical in its chemical composition to earlier versions, only the mine source has changed. In case you’re wondering, the purpose of feldspar is to allow silica and other components to fuse together when fired to the desired temperature in the kiln.

We originally formulated Sea Mix 6 as a replacement to Sea Mix 5, but we didn’t stop at a simple replacement. Re-formulating triggered a deeper investigation into the properties of our favorite clay. We performed many rounds of test tiles, measuring and examining each new batch. The result is a pottery clay that has the same great color and feel that folks have come to expect, with an even wider range of firing temperatures.

How does it fire?

  • Sea Mix 6 fires whiter than before at the low end of it’s range, cone 4
  • It has greater vitrification than ever before in the mid-range, cone 5
  • We’ve taken it through cone 7 with no defects

How does it feel?

  • It's extremely workable... so easy, you'll feel like a pro

What projects should I use it for?

  • Sea Mix 6 is our workhorse, our bread and butter, our Jack-of-all-trades. It’s perfect for throwing, hand building, and sculpture. In fact, it’s easier to say what it won’t do:
    • It will not clean up after itself
    • It will not help fix your car

How does it feel?

  • It is smoooooth, centers easily, goes big and stays there, joins well and will make you fall in love with trimming all over again.

What about the color and how well does it glaze?

  • Off-white at cone 4; white-gray at cone 6
  • It loves all mid-range glazes, either brushed or dipped

We hope you love it as much as we do!