EG003 Brick Red Engobe

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Cone 6 oxidation (1st image): Brick Red Engobe fires matte red/brown. Engobes are used to coat your clay body to your preferred finish/color and are a great base to achieve v in your glaze results.  

Cone 10 reduction (2nd image): No change.

Tips: Can be applied to wet clay, greenware or soft fired, cone 04 bisque. Engobes are often used for a variety of decorative techniques, such as sgraffito and majolica. Fires matte. Apply clear glaze to intensify color or for use on dinnerware. Engobes will impact glaze results when used as a base. Engobes are used to change the color of your clay color surface without cross contamination and easy clean up in your studio. Can be used in oxidation or reduction firings. Results may vary. The choice of clay body, thickness of application, firing process, and temperature will greatly affect the fired results. Always test your application on your clay body in your kiln environment.