Funky Peeps Kiln Peephole Plug: Eye Peep (Pupil Cutout)

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You may not think about it much, but your kiln is a wonderful vehicle for joy. And just like the vehicles we drive (cars, bikes, boats, skateboards, snowboards), it deserves a little personalization. Right? How many of you have named your kilns? Mine were “Rudy” and “Pete”.

SPS Funky Peeps Custom Peep Plugs were born from this sentimentto add some character to our studios and honor the hard-working kilns we love. They are made right here in Seattle from Seattle Pottery Supply porcelain slips by an employee of Seattle Pottery Supply who, unsurprisingly, loves kilns.

Also available in Eye without pupil cutout, Skull (both with and without eye cutouts), Flower, and Kitty