Giffin Grip -Jumbo Platter Extender

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The Jumbo Platter Extender will enable you to extend the width capacity of your Giffin Grip Model 10 to accommodate platters. This is a Special Order item- typical lead time for this item to ship to us is 1 week.

*This listing is for the extender only and does not include the Giffon Grip Model 10.

The Giffin Grip Model 10 is a popular wheel accessory for centering and holding leather-hard work in place for trimming. This tool acts as a potter's chuck that is adjustable to the piece you are finishing. With a Giffin Grip you can add an elaborate foot to your bottle-necked pieces or streamline your production process by reducing the amount of time spent centering and adhering your piece to the wheelhead. The Model 10 is adjustable to the size of your wheelhead and attaches with clips around the outer edge. See the new Giffin Grip Mini for a Giffin Grip model that attaches over bat pins instead.