RG137 - Gold

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Seattle Pottery Supply Raku Glaze
Cone 08 - 06

A glassy semi-transparent tan glaze.

Raku glazes are formulated specifically for the raku firing process. In the raku process, pieces are removed from the kiln after standard firing and then put into a container filled with flammable material that burns and causes a reduction atmosphere (meaning there is no oxygen). When fired in this manner, these raku glazes create the vibrant colors and metallic look of raku pottery.

Note that raku glazes do not form a full glass, and are therefore not food safe or watertight. Use on clay designed specifically for Raku, such as our Pipenburg Raku, Raku, Raku II.

To apply: Brush two to three coats on bisqueware (pottery that has been fired to cone 08 - 06) or dip for three to five seconds. If brushing, make sure to alternate the direction of the brush strokes between each coat for a smooth, even application, and let dry between coats.