HF-10 Clear

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Clear is a shiny bright glaze with zinc which makes a tougher glaze surface. A fabulous liner glaze or for use with saturated orange, red, and yellow underglazes. Zinc may cause some underglaze pigments to shift in color. Colors which work particularly well with HF-10 Clear are: V-316 Light Pink V-387 Bright Red V-388 Radiant Red V-389 Flame Orange V-390 Bright Orange V-391 Intense Yellow Colors which may shift when used with HF-10 Clear: LUG-15 Warm Gray LUG-26 Aqua (slight) LUG-42 Blue Green LUG-43 Dark Green V-333 Avocado V-353 Dark Green V-354 Leaf Green V-366 Teddy Bear Brown V-372 Mint Green V-376 Hunter Green