UG607 - Maroon Underglaze

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UG607 - Maroon Underglaze

CONE 04 - 06

An earthy deep maroon.

Underglaze is designed to add color to pottery without chemically interacting with other glazes. This allows you to add color without worrying that you’ll change the color or consistency of your glazes. A mixture of colorants and a little bit of clay, it can be applied to greenware (unfired clay) or bisqueware (fired to cone 08 to 06 to prepare for glazing) and ultimately fired to any cone. It does not create a glass, so does not make clay food-safe on its own. 

To apply: brush three coats on greenware or bisque ware, alternating direction with each coat for a smooth, even application. Let dry fully between each coat. If applying glaze over the top, we recommend applying the underglaze to greenware and then firing to bisque before applying the glaze. Apply any desired glaze over the top, but remember that opaque glazes will mask the color of the underglaze.