Xiem BatMate Bat Grippers

SKU: XBM12B-10091 Brand: Xiem    


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Xiem's BatMate prevents bat wiggling by gripping the underside of your bat.

With repeated use all bats will loosen around the bat pin holes, but Xiem's BatMate will increase the longevity of your bat collection by allowing you to continue using otherwise frustrating bats.

BatMates without a bat on top are an excellent option for trimming items with a low, wide profile, such as plates and bowls, without adhering them to the wheel.

Pro Tip: When trimming tumblers or cups, we recommend placing one hand in a ready-to-catch position and applying only downward pressure with your trim tool in the other hand (try to limit the horizontal pressure which could push your cup to tip and roll off into your splash pan).

Rinse thoroughly, wring out the water, and place the BatMate on your wheel head before use with a bat on top or on its own.

DISCLAIMER: The BatMate's dye will wash out over time and discolor water that it is soaked in. The dye will not affect your clay or the product itself.