Small Triangle Trimming Tool

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TFT03 Large / TFT03-Teardrop 3 in stock While supplies last $14.96
TFT06 Large / TFT06-Multi-Function 4 in stock While supplies last $12.25
TFT02 Medium / TFT02-Teardrop 6 in stock While supplies last $13.50
TFT05 Medium / TFT05-Multi-Function 6 in stock While supplies last $13.50
TFT10 Medium / TFT10-Oval 1 in stock While supplies last $13.50
LTT02-10302 Medium / LTT02-Triangle Out of Stock Please call $9.25
TFT01 Small / TFT01-Teardrop 15 in stock While supplies last $11.96
TFT04 Small / TFT04-Multi-Function 1 in stock While supplies last $11.96
TFT07 Small / TFT07-Triangle Out of Stock Please call $11.96
TFT09 Small / TFT09-Oval 12 in stock While supplies last $11.96

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Titanium-Fused Trimming Tool Series is another Xiem Tools innovative solution to meet the needs of any skill level from the beginner to demanding professional artists for an alternative to the Tungsten Carbide trimming tools without the distress of accidental drop and the high cost. Each blade is handcrafted and made of high carbon tempered stainless steel. Then, fused with a thin layer Titanium Nitrite to the surface to increase strength and hardness, provide less friction, and rust resistance. The ergonomically shaped handles are made with Beech hardwood, hand sanded to allow greater control and comfort for those long trimming sessions fun. Each handle features a flat bottom to ensure they have zero chance of rolling and enable the blade suspended above the hard surfaces to protect the sharp cutting edge from damaging. The titanium-fused blades are three times harder steel for maximum performances, create a resilient cutting edge that stays sharp longer than the conventional carbon steel blades. Furthermore, the handles are soaked in pure Tung oil and cured by oxidation improve wood surface for water, slip, and mold resistant. They are made in our shop in Garden Grove, California by our staff with domestic and international materials. Available in small, medium, and larges sizes a variety of shapes.