Many of our larger electric kilns have electrical requirements beyond what is commonly found in private homes. Before purchasing, please confirm the electrical requirements of the kiln and the electrical availability in the space where you will be using the kiln. We recommend consulting an electrician!

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18” Top-Loading Electric Home Pottery Studio Kiln

SKU: 30184-WDC-240 Brand: Seattle Pottery Supply    


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30184-WDC-240 Built To Order 2-4 weeks $2,799.00

Our #1 most popular pottery kiln for home potters! Our eight-sided 18" Top-Loading Electric Pottery Kiln offers home potters the perfect balance of interior space and a compact size. Also only requires a 30 amp breaker, so it works with most home electrical systems.

Our favorite features for the 18" Home Pottery Studio Kiln are:

  • Sized right for easy loading and unloading
  • 18” x 18" interior diameter (2 rings)
  • Approximately 2.8 cubic feet
  • Fires to Cone 10
  • Includes a V6CF digital controller
  • Fits our 18" kiln octagon shelf kit (shelves not included; shop our kiln shelf kits here)
  • Requires just 240V, ideal for home studios
  • Made with 3 inch fire brick
  • Made to order, up to 6 weeks lead time
  • ETL certified, 1 yr warranty
  • Hand made in Seattle, WA, USA since 1975.
  • We can accommodate most electrical customization. Please contact us if you need 3-phase power or have other electrical requirements

Requires a minimum 30 Amp breaker and NEMA 10-30 plug. Please confirm that you have a 30 amp breaker with a 240 volt NEMA 10-30 receptacle available in your home studio.

Ships freight, on a pallet; shipping costs will be calculated in the cart.

Other variations of this kiln are available for professional, school, and specialized electrical requirements. 18” Top-Loading Professional-Grade Pottery KilnOptions include different voltages and may require up to 40 amp breakers, wiring, and outlets. Beware of any kiln rated for more than 30 amps if you want to avoid hiring an electrician to rewire your home studio.