Kiln Buying Guide

What size work will you be creating?

Think of maximum height AND maximum width. 

  1. For width leave 1 to 1/2 inches clearance on the sides to keep you pieces away from the elements.
  2. For maximum height, remember to calculate the height of your bottom shelf (about 2 inches).
  3. Also remember to take into account the placement of your kiln shelf posts. 

How much work will you be producing?

This will also determine how often you will be firing your kiln.

    1. Leave 1 foot clearance from any walls, obstacles, or anything flammable.
    2. Leave room above or below for your ventilation system if you choose to have one (highly recommended for kilns placed in the studio or living space and not in a separate room) (check out our Vent Master!). 

    What voltage does your studio have?

    1. Temperature range (please note: max temperature on kilns does not necessarily mean they can handle being pushed to their limit all the time. 
    2. Would you like the option of oxidation and reduction. If you would like the option of reduction, you should get a gas kiln. 
    3. Electrical: please remember to look at the minimum breaker allowance, NOT the amperage on the kiln. 
    4. If you wish to add a wired or blank ring, your amperage and your maximum temperature will change (wired ring: amperage and max temperature would be higher, blank ring: max temperature would be lower) . Please ask a kiln technician about the changes you would need to make.


    All new Crucible Kilns come with a limited 2 year Warranty